We publish technically unsophisticated poetry chapbooks, made by hand, with the important ingredients of love and persistence. The poetry itself, is another matter -- gifted but marginal voices who need to be heard. The books serve as a kind of calling card, a "Hello, look at me" that says look at me, I'm doing something.  

Why do we do this? Because we have to, because we want to be somebody's angel, providing encouragment and a sense of accomplishment that some writers need to keep going.  

Why "Elevated?" Because we are "above" the drama of ISBN's and all that. Not that ISBN's aren't cool, but they cost. Also because the books are all made in my upstairs bedroom using a laser printer and a 7-year old laptop that seriously needs to be put out of its misery. So, that's the double-entandre as they say.

Most importantly when you buy a book and make a donation to them you help the poet directly, like a virtual coffee-can.